Masked Tidepool

Deep Learning from a Legitimate Imposter

An Introvert's Guide to NeurIPS

• Machine Learning, Neural Net, Artificial Intelligence, NeurIPS, Conference, and Networking

Day 2

The mind begins to spin with new ideas. People all around are engaged in topics you want to hear more about. Ideas you want to contribute to. And the last thing in the world you want to do right now is talk to another human. You don’t want to miss a word, a chance to be further inspired. You want to hide. I’m here to tell you. That’s okay. Hide.

There are plenty of places to hide in a conference hall. I’ve chosen my spot. Empty Hallway It’s okay. You’ll miss something. You would miss something if you were on the floor talking to somebody right this moment. But there is value in pausing. Give you brain a moment to parse some of what you’ve learned. Drop down and try out some of the code floating around the conference. There certainly is no shortage of it.

A quiet retreat during the day does wonders for your ability to dive back into the confernce and soak up everything you can for the rest of the day. Rinse and repeat tomorrow.

Happy conferencing!

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